arcSail Privacy Policy

Concerns can be forwarded to use via our Support Page.

Smartphone Design Ltd. does not collect nor have access to any information stored within the arcSail or other Smartphone Design Ltd. apps. All data collected in arcSail (or other Smartphone design apps) is the responsibility of the app user. The app does not automatically send any information to external sites.

If you backup your device to your local PC or choose to export data from the app via email or file, you should ensure that any personal information included in the data is properly secured.

In general, we recommend that you do not collect any personal information within the app beyond that necessary to properly score the sailing event / race and that you follow any local privacy requirements.

Note: in arcSail, the ISAF # is not a required field and you may need to obtain consent from the sailor prior to entering it into the app.

Rules regarding privacy vary so check with any local authorities if you have any questions regarding what information is considered private and what policies you should follow.