Customizing arcSail

Extend and customize arcSail to meet the needs of your club

Small tweaks to manage your fleets

Here are a few things you can do to tailor arcSail to your club. These features can be found under the "More" menu of arcSail.

Adding or updating your Boat Classes

arcSail is preloaded with over one hundred boat classes, including centerboard, keelboat, multihull and offshore classes from the Portsmouth Yardstick (PY), North American Portsmouth Yardstick (NAPY), Small Catamaran Handicap Rating System (SCHRS) databases. The handicap ratings for each of these systems are preloaded in arcSail. These ratings are used to compute corrected times for handicapped fleet races. You are free to add additional boat classes and/or update the ratings specific to your club.

  • For each boat class, set:

    • The boat class name and type

    • Set a unique Boat Code

    • For each applicable Handicap System:

        • Set the general Handicap Rating

        • Wind adjusted Handicap Systems, you can also add the Wind Handicaps for the class

Boat Classes updates can be added at any time but will only affect future races. To change the ratings of boats in past races, re-open the race results and edit each affected boat's handicap rating.

Setting up Custom Handicap Systems

arcSail supports the following common handicap systems out of the box:

  1. Portsmouth Yardstick (PY),

  2. North American Portsmouth Yardstick (NAPY),

  3. Small Catamaran Handicap Rating System (SCHRS)

  4. Performance Handicap Racing Fleet (PHRF)

arcSail also allows race officers to define their own handicap systems.

  • Add a new Handicap System, by clicking the Add button, then set:

    • The handicap system's name

    • If the rating is defined on the class (like PY) or the individual boat (like PHRF)

    • If the computation is time-on-time or time-on-distance

    • If the computation should be rounded down or to the nearest decimal place

    • The decimal places to which to round

    • If there is adjustment for wind, is it applied to the formula or the class?

    • The computation formula

Additional Handicap Systems can be added at any time, deleting them may cause issues with Events that are in progress.

Importing additional Burgees

What’s a sail club without a plethora of burgees, right? arcSail comes preloaded with the numeric and alphabetic semaphores, but you are free to upload as many other burgees that you need to identify your fleets and clubs effectively.

  • For each burgee:

    • Download image of appropriate side to iPad photo gallery

    • Upload to burgee catalog by clicking “+”

Additional burgees can be added at any time.

Adjusting the general Settings

There are a few settings that help customize the arcSail experience for your club…

  • Under More, Settings:

    • Select “Confirm Deletions” to avoid accidental data loss

    • Select "Show Animation" to enable/disable the home screen animation (when disabled, your default club's "Home background image" will be shown on the opening arcSail screen instead of the arcSail animation)

    • "Penalty" applies to “Placement” or “Elapsed time” – used when determining scoring penalties.

    • "Send Feedback" provides a mechanism to email us for issues (or accolades!) relating to the app.

These settings can be changed at any time - future calculations will be affected by some of these configurations.