Getting Started

The basic steps you need to take to get a "quick start" using arcSail

Whether you are using arcSail to track all your scheduled club events or if you are preparing for one regatta, you can save time on the water by preloading the club, boat and sailor data for your participants.

Below is described the minimum configuration that is recommended:

  • For each club, set the club name & burgee - these will appear in the results

    • Select your default club by tapping it in the Clubs list

  • For each sailor, enter their first and last names

  • For each boat, ensure the boat name, class, skipper, crew and identifiers are correct

    • If the vessel has a PHRF rating, enter it here

    • If NAPY will be used for the boat, ensure the boat class' USPN rating is correct

If the PHRF ratings or USPN ratings change over time, they can be adjusted and will affect future results only.

Event, Fleet and Series information is generally determined from your notice of race and from your vessel registrations. A critical decision here is determining if the results from each event will be part of any long series:

  • If the event is not part of a long series, create one event for the entire regatta.

  • If the results of some of the fleets of the event will contribute to any long series, create one event per race day to provide more flexibility in combining results, then create one series for the regatta (to combine the overall results), then tag each fleet with any additional series markers they should be included in.

Below is described the minimum configuration that is recommended:

  • If series markers are required, give each series a name and specify the first and subsequent throw outs, the scoring type and the minimum number of races

  • For each event, specify the date and event name, starting sequence, throw outs, scoring type and minimum number of races required

    • The race officer and committee will appear on the results if specified

  • For each fleet, set the class name (if a one-design fleet), otherwise simply give the fleet a name, select the handicap system to be used, set the burgee, add the boats and add any series markers the fleet's results should be included in.

arcSail provides a highly interactive Race Monitor that helps you visualize all the boats on the water and lets you adjust boat order, set scoring codes & penalties, set finish times when you need to.

Below is described the minimum configuration that is recommended for each race:

  • For each race, set the race name, wind strength, total distance and start date/time

  • While monitoring a race,

    • Use the Codes button to mark OCS boats and apply penalties,

    • Order the boats the way it makes sense to you by dragging them up & down

    • Finish the boats as the cross the line simply by tapping the Finish button

    • Complete the race when all boats of the fleet are scored

  • Finalize a race by:

    • Adjusting any times, codes, penalties as required

    • Updating boat information, such as crew, skipper, boat class and PHRF

  • View the results

    • View the results by race, by fleet for the event or over a whole series!

An in-app purchase will allow you to send the results to email or Air Print.