On the Water

Start the count down to the warning signal, and get ready for your first finishers

Running Races, Scoring and viewing Results

So you have your competitor data entered, your events & fleets defined and its time to sound the warning signal for the first race and begin scoring results... here's how you do it! Note: Features marked with "**"require an in-app purchase to be enabled.

Creating Races for your Fleet(s)

For each race run for each fleet, you will need to create a race record:

  • Ensure you are creating the race for the right fleet, start by tapping the desired fleet in the Fleets list, then create a new race record by tapping Add, and specifying:

    • The race name (include a # in the race name to differentiate it from other races)

    • The wind force (this will be shown in the results and used for NAPY calculations)

    • The course length (used for calculating velocity made good, etc)

    • The race date

    • The starting time for the race

      • If the race is starting immediately, tap the appropriate button to adjust the clock to match the Warning, Preparatory, One Minute or Start signal times

arcSail will provide a count down to the race start time. You watch this most easily from the Race Monitor screen where the animated flag sequence will be shown for the start.

Monitoring your Races

Once the start sequence has begun, you will be busy watching the line for boats that might go OCS and waiting for boats to cross for their finish. arcSail's Race Monitor screen allows you to order the potential finish sequence, apply scoring codes and finish boats from multiple fleets as the races are running:

  • While the race is running, you can:

    • Visually identify boats of different fleets by their burgee, boat name, boat class and skipper

    • Arrange the potential finish order to simplify scoring as they cross (drag and drop)

    • Finish boats with a single tap

    • Finish multiple boats simultaneously (by tapping the burgees on the left, then finish)

    • Apply / remove scoring codes & penalties on boats at any time

    • Remove / correct finish times that are incorrectly applied

    • Monitor the overall race duration

    • Complete or abandon races for any fleet at any time

    • Add/change boats in the fleets by tapping the Boats button

    • Record the voices of the race committee by tapping the microphone icon

    • View the race log by tapping the notes button (see below)

Additional sailors can be added at any time.

Finalizing the Race

And because no results are final until the competitors and protest committee agree on the results, arcSail provides a mechanism to review, update and finalize results after races are completed.

  • Once a race is completed, you can re-open any race to:

    • Apply penalties

    • Adjust scoring codes

    • Adjust finishing times

    • Edit the boat class, skipper, crew & PHRF information

Sharing the Results!

Results can be computed for a single race, a fleet or an entire series and you can choose whether to view on screen, email them to the shore committee or send them to Air Print! **

  • To view/print/email the results of a race

    • Tap on Races and select any completed race

    • Tap the Export button to Preview (Print) or Email your results

  • To view/print/email the results of a fleet or series **

    • Select an event from the Events list

    • Tap on Results and select tap on any Fleet or Series from the event

Until a race is finalized, any results distributed will show the results as ** PENDING **

** Emailing and printing results are enabled with an in-app purchase

Viewing the Race Log

No regatta is complete with a little disagreement. arcSail records a robust log of all activities that take place for each race and presents this in a timeline that can be examined as required.

  • The race log includes

    • Race management events (race start, stop, restarts)

    • Competitor events (OCS, clearing, finish, penalties)

    • Race committee voice recordings (see Race Monitor above)