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Answers to Questions from the arcSail Community

What devices are supported by arcSail?

arcSail has been designed to operate exclusively on iPhones and iPads operating Apple iOS 13 or later. (sorry, we don't support Android devices at this time)

We use custom views to optimize screen use for smaller devices, however, while you can perform all the functions across all devices, the screen size of iPad mini, Air or Pro devices generally make them easier to view and operate. Newer devices with brighter screens will be best in bright sunlight.

Can I backup or share my arcSail data?

Users who have bought the arcSail in-app purchase can backup and share their data at any time:

  • From the "Backups" list, swipe left and click "Edit"

    • To save the database to Apple “Files” App, tap "Save Backup File"

    • To email a copy of the database to yourself or another arcSail user, tap "Email Backup File"

Almost all data can be exported and imported using CSV file format, including individual race, event or series results, sailors, boats, boat classes, etc.:

  • To export, navigate to the screen listing the data you want to save and click the export button at the top of the screen:

    • Tap "Save CSV" to save the results to Apple Files,

    • To email a copy of the results to yourself or another arcSail user, tap "Email CSV".

  • To import:

    • From Apple Files, navigate to the arcSail folder on your device, and double tap the CSV data you want to import,

    • From email, open the CSV attachment and use the Export icon to send it to arcSail.

Does arcSail work when there is no Internet connecton?

Yes. Events can be created and races can be scored without an internet connection. Internet connectivity is only required to share results.

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arcSail was developed by Claire Harrison and Russel Krause of Smartphone Design Ltd, based in Alberta, Canada.

We hope you like it!

It is our intent to create a sail scoring tool that can support the needs of a regular sailing club and that is simple enough for volunteers to use and powerful enough to be used for regional regattas

If you find issues with the App or want to send us suggestions, please feel free to use the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

When issues are corrected or new features are added, they will be announced in the Apple AppStore.